With U Cookies Policy

Welcome to the With U Cookies Policy. This document explains how and why computer files known as cookies (and local storage) may be stored on your browser or device. If you do not agree to the use of cookies as set out in this Cookies Policy, you should either refrain from using the Services (as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use [collectively “Terms and Conditions of Use”] set forth below), or adjust the settings on your browser or device to reject cookies.

Your use of the Services may result in the relevant data being installed and stored on your device, through the installation of computer files known as cookies.

This document, together with the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy for Games, and Privacy Policy for Web Services, establishes the conditions that govern the use of the Services.

This Cookies Policy sets out information on the following matters:

  1. Overview of cookies
  2. Preventing cookies
  3. Types of cookies we use

1. Overview of cookies

A cookie is a small computer file, usually consisting of a sequence of letters and numbers, which is installed on your device when you visit a website that uses cookies. When a cookie is installed it will usually either include information about your previous website visits (such as a saved username or settings) or act as a unique identifier so that the website recognizes you when you return and recalls information stored on the server.

When you visit a website which has previously installed a cookie on your browser or device, your browser will send details of the cookie to that website’s server. The server will recall your previous visit, or adapt itself to your preferred settings, based on the contents of the cookie. For example, a website selling goods may remember the content of a shopping basket, or a music website might recall songs you previously listened to. Cookies therefore allow for an optimized, improved and more individual browsing experience. Some cookies are readable across multiple websites, for example, an advertiser which promotes itself across multiple websites may be able to recognize you from your visit to another website it advertises on.

Cookies are typically either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’ files. A session cookie will be deleted when you leave a website or close your browser, however a persistent (also known as ‘tracking’) cookie will remain stored on your device for either a fixed period or until it is deleted by the user.

Cookies may be installed by us and/or third parties (including advertisers and search engines). Our cookies will enable us to improve and optimize your experience of the Services. Third party cookies, for example those installed by advertisers or search engines, allow such parties to provide personalized content (such as advertisements and suggested search results).

2. Preventing cookies

You can prevent the installation of cookies, and delete those which already exist, using the settings on your browser and/or device. How this is done will vary depending on the type of browser and/or device you use and, if in any doubt, we recommend you consult the browser or device’s instructions or help and support material.  Please note, however, that if you prevent cookies, you may not be able to access all portions or features of the Services.

3. Types of cookies we use

The cookies we use in the Service and their purposes are as follows:

Cookies used in the Facebook (desktop) version of Happy Ningels

Name of cookies Purpose
game_uc ID to identify unique users.

Those using Safari are requested to review the FAQs before playing our games.

Version 2 August 19, 2015