Indication in Accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Terms and conditions with regard to the services, applications, and contents to be charged (the “Products”) that are provided in our online games and related services (the “Services”) are as follows:

Seller's Name

With U Co., Ltd.

Company Location

JR Tower Office Plaza Sapporo, 12th Fl.
Kita 5-jyo Nishi 2-chome 5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Hokkaido 060-0005 Japan

Representative's Name

Atsuko Ueno, Representative Director 

Contact Information

Please contact direct all inquiries to

Upon a customer’s request our phone number will be provided to the customer by e-mail without delay. If you desire to contact us by phone, please submit a request to the e-mail address above.

Selling Price

Selling price will appear on the purchase page of the Products.

Time at Which the Products Will Be Provided

The Products will be provided immediately upon the completion of the payment.

Operating Environment

The operating environment necessary to use the Products is displayed on the support page for the Service.

(Use of the Services and Products can only be utilized when connected to the Internet.  The communication fee will be borne by the customer.)

Means and Timing of Payment

Credit Card Settlement: Credit card will be debited on the date stipulated by the card provider.

Electronic Money Settlement: Payment will be made immediately at the time of purchase.

Collection Agency through a Mobile Phone Company: Payment will be included in the mobile phone bill of the customer.

Application Delivery Service (App Store, Google Play) or Other Platform (Facebook) Provided Payment Methods: Please see the various terms below.

Bank Transfer: Payment will be made via wire transfer from a bank.

Once payment has been confirmed via any of the aforementioned means, the item will be delivered.

About Returns and Refunds

Neither returns nor refund of the Products is permissible due to the nature of the Products.

Service Contents (as of March 2015)

  • Happy Ningels for Facebook (PC)
  • Tasty Trek for Facebook (PC)
  • Tasty Trek for Android
  • Tasty Trek for iOS

About Defects

In the event that the Products have defects that hinder their use, repair or replacement of the Products will be provided.